Introductory Flying Day

On arrival at the Flight School, you will be welcomed and introduced to your instructor, an experienced individual who has been chosen in particular because of their excellent customer care approach and other participants on the days course.

An informal tea/coffee  and biscuits snack will be provided allowing everyone to introduce themselves and break the ice !

During the pre-flight briefings,  the instructor will describe how a helicopter flies, and explain the main functions of the flying controls.

This will be followed by a Q&A session

A light lunch will then be served either in the airport café or the AA office (dependant on time of year and number of participants)

After lunch you will be taken out and introduced to the helicopter and become familiar with the parts of it discussed in the earlier briefings.

Now its time to FLY! Each participant will take turns in the “HOT SEAT” taking control of the helicopter alongside the instructor carrying put some low level manoeuvres and finishing with the HOVER CHALLENGE  (total flight time approx. 10 minutes)

After everyone has flown, you will receive a de-brief, allowing you the opportunity to ask any pertinent questions, and perhaps resolve any mysteries that may have occurred to you whilst flying. There’s a lot to take in!

Your instructor is on hand of course to analyse your capabilities, and discuss with you the next step should you wish to continue your flying. You will also receive a certificate to commemorate your achievement during the day.

You will also have the opportunity of meeting and talking to other staff members and other students, people who started flying in just the same way as you.

The Introductory Day is an excellent way for you to thoroughly check out your ability to fly a helicopter – and good fun at the same time!

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