Flight Exercises

On the commencement of your course, you will receive in-depth information on the many procedures and manoeuvres you will be required to carry out before gaining your licence. We list here the topics for your interest:

Ex 01a Familiarisation with the helicopter
Ex 01b Emergency drills
Ex 02 Preparation for and procedures after flight
Ex 03 Air experience
Ex 04 Effects of controls
Ex 05 Power and attitude changes
Ex 06 Straight and level
Ex 07 Climbing
Ex 08 Descending
Ex 09 Turning
Ex 10 Basic Autorotation
Ex 11a Hovering
Ex 11b Hover taxiing and spot turns
Ex 11c Hovering, taxiing emergencies
Ex 12 Take off and landing
Ex 13 Transitions from hover to climb and approach to hover
Ex 14a Circuit, approach and landing
Ex 14b Steep and limited power approach and landings
Ex 14c Circuit emergency procedures
Ex 15 First solo
Ex 16 Sideways and backwards flight from the hover
Ex 17 Spot turns
Ex 18 Hovering out of ground effect (OGE), vortex ring
Ex 19 Simulated engine off landings (EOL)
Ex 20 Advanced autorotation
Ex 21 Practice forced landings
Ex 22 Steep turns
Ex 23 Transitions
Ex 24 Quick stops
Ex 25a Navigation
Ex 25b Nav. problems at low heights and reduced visibility
Ex 25c Radio navigation
Ex 26 Advanced take off, landings and transitions
Ex 27 Sloping ground
Ex 28 Limited power
Ex 29 Confined area landings
Ex 30 Basic instrument flight
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