Life after the PPL(H)

Once you have gained your PPL(H) you may wish to fly for pleasure, or become an Instructor / Commercial Pilot yourself.

As a private licence holder on the Robinson R22, you will be able to hire out that helicopter to take friends and family flying. During your course you will have learned the correct techniques for making safe approaches to and departures from private landing sites, and can therefore journey to private gardens, restaurants, hotels, and even sporting events.

As an AA Helicopters graduate, aircraft will always be available to you for ‘self-fly’ hire as long as you remain current. Continuation training is always available, and you will always find Pilots / Instructors who will fly with you if you are a little ‘rusty’.

You will be required to complete the European Safety course, again conducted in-house, within 6 months of qualifying. This course is an invaluable experience, and helps to keep down both insurance and hire costs.

If you would like to fly other types of helicopter you will be required to complete a conversion course comprising 5 hours flying on type and a flight test. AA Helicopters currently operate a fleet of Robinson R22, Robinson R44.

The PPL(H) is often referred to as a licence to learn. To help you gain experience as a pilot once qualified, and improve your skills further still, you might like to try our Advanced Flying Day, undertake a Night Rating, or join our popular Mountain Flying Course.

We also organise many social events and Fly-ins throughout the year, and attend such events as Helitech (Duxford)

You may of course wish to purchase your own helicopter, and base it either at the Airfield or at home. We will be pleased to assist you in the purchase, maintenance and management of your aircraft, and even lease it from you to help reduce costs.

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