Trial Lesson

Flying in a Helicopter is a unique and exciting experience, and a Trial Lesson is a popular first step for those who want to taste the thrill of flying at the controls, with a view perhaps to gaining a Private Pilots Licence thereafter.

The lessons are usually conducted in the popular Robinson R22 Dual Control 2 seater
Helicopter, or alternatively in the Robinson R44 Dual Control 4 seater helicopter if you would like to take someone else along with you.

On arrival at the Flight School, you will be welcomed and introduced to your instructor, an experienced individual who has been chosen in particular because of their excellent customer care approach.

During a pre-flight briefing, carried out on a one-to-one basis in one of our
briefing rooms, your instructor will describe how a helicopter flies and explain the main functions of the flying controls.

You will then be taken outside onto our helipad and to your designated helicopter. Once strapped in and sitting comfortably, your instructor will then show you how to hold the controls, and explain the interior layout, sitting alongside you.

After starting up and completing pre-flight checks, your instructor will lift into a hover and taxi onto the Airfield, in accordance with instructions from Air Traffic Control.

Having then departed from the Airfield, you will be introduced to the use of each of the main controls, one at a time, and experience climbs, descents, turns, and maybe even an autorotation – a manoeuvre used to glide the helicopter down to the
ground in the event of an emergency.

Towards the end of your flight, if the conditions are suitable, your instructor may give you the chance to try the controls in the hover, where the co-ordination required flying a helicopter will become very apparent indeed!

After landing and returning to the Flight School, you will receive a de-brief, allowing you the opportunity to ask any pertinent questions and discuss the next step should you wish to continue your flying. You will also receive a certificate to commemorate your achievement.

Incidentally, AA Helicopters have a range of Gift Vouchers available should you wish
to surprise someone else with a lesson or pleasure flight.

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