For many who try their hand at a trial lesson, the goal is to gain a Private Pilots Licence (Helicopters), commonly referred to as a PPL(H).

A PPL(H) allows you to fly for your own purposes during the day to virtually anywhere in the country, with passengers, and land off airfield with the landowner’s permission.

And you don’t need your own helicopter! We’d be delighted to help you through the PPL(H) course, and when you’ve passed, you can hire out one of our helicopters (subject to completing the European Safety Course), and leave the costs of ownership to us.

Here are some useful facts for you to consider if the thought of getting a licence is beginning to sound very interesting.

Training can be started at 14, but you need to be 16 before going solo, and 17 for licence issue. There is no maximum age.

Although you will be required to pass a medical examination, your course requires no previous flying experience.

The training is carried out in the Robinson R22, a two-seat piston engine helicopter. With over 5000 aircraft produced and 40 years in the training market it is the most popular and reliable helicopter available.

The course may be spread over 12 months or more, taking a lesson a week, or on a full-time basis, where you can expect to gain your licence in 4-5 weeks subject to weather.

The Civil Aviation Authority currently require a minimum of 45 hours training, of which 10 hours must be solo (Reduced to 40 hours for PPL(A) holders). You should budget for 50-60 hours.

As a very rough guide, including all course material and fees, a PPL(H) licence can be gained for, between £15-20 thousand pounds

Students must pass a flying test conducted by our own in-house CAA approved examiner, and multiple choice style examinations in:


You will also be required to undertake a practical radiotelephony examination. Most of the studying is structured self-study; you will be guided and helped all the way by your Instructor. Our one to one course is designed to cater for your own individual requirements